Sun. Aug. 11 @ Burleigh Falls Inn.

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Sun. Aug. 11 @ Burleigh Falls Inn.

Kawartha bound.

There’s an interesting type of improvement that comes with working hard. You think that you’ve reached a peak, then a new door starts to open.

The past few weeks have seen a lot of singer/songwriter shows. Half the fun is traveling to all these beautiful spots in the Muskokas and Kawarthas. Part participant. Part observer.

All these different venues bring out new shades and hues: getting comfortable in new environments quickly, and pushing limits in comfortable settings.

The Burleigh Falls Inn is a very comfortable setting, and I always love the shows here. Sunday August 11th will be the final performance here for the summer. Full details below.

A big thank-you to Jennifer and the staff for their kindness and continued support over the years.

Jake Dudas


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08.11.19 – Burleigh Falls Inn – Public show.

Date: Sunday August 11, 2019
Venue: Burleigh Falls Inn
Location: Burleigh Falls, ON (Kawartha)
Time: 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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Jake Dudas is a singer/songwriter and instrumental guitarist based out of Toronto, ON. Performing for both featured shows and special events, his work is best viewed through approach and style, as opposed to a specific genre of music. The focus is squarely on contrast, creativity and craftsmanship—whether it’s weaving through familiar fare such as the Tragically Hip, Johnny Cash and Neil Young; to more modern selections such as Jack Johnson and Maroon 5. He has numerous original releases to his credit, and has performed at some of the top venues in Canada. Career highlights also include a Muskoka performance for HRH the Duke of York.

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