Live Christmas Guitar 2013.

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Live Christmas Guitar 2013.

November has been a busy month.

It started out with a couple of great shows, quickly followed by rapid-fire audio production. I’m happy to announce that two new recording projects were mastered last week, and without much delay, a busy season of private and corporate Christmas performances will soon begin.

Every year, summer seems to extend more seamlessly into the winter.

Creative live Christmas music for private and corporate events.

I always enjoy the chance to perform at numerous Christmas events every year.

Highlights this season include a show on December 3rd at Market Hall Performing Arts Centre (Peterborough, ON), and a return trip on December 7th to the Inn on the Twenty (Jordan, ON). Rounding out the schedule are a couple of private corporate events on November 30th and December 20th. Things, as always, are likely to change quickly. For some reason, Christmas events are often booked at the last minute.

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From a creative standpoint, I love the opportunity that Christmas events present. For those that are familiar with my guitar playing, you know that I like to slip into songs through the out door, so to speak. While keeping main melodies and structures intact, I like to draw out introductions and transitions. There is always a lot of energy in the air at Christmas events. It’s fun to latch onto it with a simple percussive element, insert echoes of a familiar Christmas Carol, then build it into the formal song. ‘Frosty the Snowman’ is a great example of a song with tremendous flexibility. You can almost approach this from a reggae standpoint, building off the main chorus line and letting the rhythm build.

Putting unique combinations of music together is also a lot of fun. From the example above, moving a song like ‘Frosty the Snowman’ into a contemporary piece from the likes of Jason Mraz, Train or Jack Johnson is a great, unexpected sidestep. You can keep a rhythmic flow, while preventing the playlist from getting too Christmas-focused.

If you’re interested in learning more about music options for your private or corporate event, don’t hesitate to contact me. I can send you a full playlist and we can talk about unique approaches for the evening.

New Year’s 2013 at Irwin Inn.

I’m pleased to announce that I will be performing again at Irwin Inn on Tuesday December 31, 2013 as part of their New Year’s celebration. This is always a great evening. Things start out with two instrumental guitar sets during dinner, followed by two singer/songwriter sets.

The food and hospitality at Irwin Inn are always exceptional. If you’re looking for a unique, intimate New Year’s Eve, this is the place to be.

From my standpoint, I work a lot with volumes and space. The BOSE system provides incredibly warm, clear sound. There’s a perfect volume where it cuts through the room and conversation without overwhelming it. The energy ebbs and flows in such interesting ways throughout the evening. For some, it’s like an intimate, unplugged concert. Guests will come closer to the performance area and soak in the sounds. For others, it’s like their own private cocktail lounge. They can lay back, enjoy some good conversation with a unique backdrop.

Either way, it’s always a great evening.

To book your table, call Irwin Inn at (800) 461-6490 or visit

wedding guitarist toronto ottawa niagara new york city naples ceremony guitar

New recordings mastered – Carly Eagles Debut and Nothing Left to do but Sin.

Last Thursday saw the mastering of two recording projects: Carly Eagles’ Debut EP, and a new electric album of mine entitled ‘Nothing Left to do but Sin’ Both projects were mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions (Toronto, ON). I’ve been working with Andy for almost 10 years, and he never fails to do a phenomenal job.

I look forward to sharing these recordings with you upon their release.

If you are interested in updates about these recordings, you’re welcome to sign up on my e-mail list.

wedding guitarist toronto ottawa niagara new york city naples ceremony guitar

New 2014 wedding dates – Archeo Restaurant (Distillery District, Toronto, ON) and Taboo Resort (Gravenhurst, Muskoka, ON).

Things continue to shape up in fine form for 2014.

Muskoka, thus far, seems to be the overwhelming destination of choice. Wedding performances are booked at Sherwood Inn, the Bala Bay Inn, Grandview Golf Club and Taboo Resort. All are phenomenal venues with their own unique charm.

I’m also looking forward to my first outdoor winter wedding in February at Irwin Inn (Stoney Lake, ON). Handily, this is followed up by a Valentine’s Day performance at Irwin Inn shortly after.

Stay posted for more developments.

Jake Dudas
Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter

wedding guitarist toronto ottawa niagara new york city naples ceremony guitar

wedding guitarist toronto ottawa niagara new york city naples ceremony guitar

wedding guitarist toronto ottawa niagara new york city naples ceremony guitar

wedding guitarist toronto ottawa niagara new york city naples ceremony guitar

2014 Wedding & Corporate Event Performance Schedule

02.01.14 – Irwin Inn – Stoney Lake, ON
04.12.14 – Archeo Restaurant – Distillery District – Toronto, ON
05.10.14 – Thompson Landry Gallery – Distillery District – Toronto, ON
06.21.14 – Private Residence – Pigeon Lake, ON
06.28.14 – Sherwood Inn – Port Carling, ON (Muskoka)
07.12.14 – Berkeley Church – Toronto, ON
08.02.14 – Taboo Resort – Gravenhurst, ON (Muskoka)
08.23.14 – Bala Bay Inn – Bala, ON (Muskoka)
09.27.14 – Grandview Golf Club – Huntsville, ON (Muskoka)

2013 Wedding & Corporate Event Performance Schedule

01.26.13 – Locks Salon & Spa Event – Peterborough, ON
04.07.13 – Aria – Peterborough, ON
05.09.13 – Systagenix Event – Toronto, ON
05.11.13 – Casa Loma – Toronto, ON
05.18.13 – White Oaks Resort & Spa – Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
05.19.13 – Auberge du Pommier – Toronto, ON
05.23.13 – SSFC Private Event – Peterborough, ON
06.01.13 – Jamie Kennedy @ The Gardiner Museum – Toronto, ON
06.06.13 – Trent University – President’s Dinner – Peterborough, ON
06.08.13 – Graydon Hall Manor – Toronto, ON
06.15.13 – Greyhawk Golf Course – Ottawa, ON
06.29.13 – Irwin Inn – Stoney Lake, ON
07.05.13 – Evergreen Brickworks – Toronto, ON
07.06.13 – Willow Springs Winery – Stoufville, ON
07.13.13 – St. James Gardens  – Toronto, ON
07.20.13 – Holland Marsh Wineries – Newmarket, ON
07.26.13 – Parkwood Estates/Deer Creek Golf – Ajax, ON
07.27.13 – Private Event – Toronto, ON
08.04.13 – Inn on the Twenty – Jordan, ON
08.11.13 – Atlantis Pavillion – Toronto, ON
08.17.13 – Oakview Terrace – Toronto, ON
08.24.13 – Windermere House – Windermere, ON (Muskoka)
08.29.13 – Le Select Bistro – Toronto, ON
08.31.13 – Hart House – University of Toronto – Toronto, ON
09.07.13 – Rosewater Room – Toronto, ON
09.14.13 – Greystone Golf Club – Milton, ON
09.21.13 – Bala Bay Inn – Muskoka, ON
09.28.13 – Lumina Resort – Huntsville, ON
09.29.13 – Vineland Estates Winery – Vineland, ON
10.04.13 – Royal Ashburn Golf Club – Ashburn, ON
10.19.13 – Marriott Kingston – Kingston, ON
11.01.13 – Private Event – Toronto, ON
11.30.13 – Evinrude Centre (Private) – Peterborough, ON
12.03.13 – Market Hall Performing Arts Centre – Peterborough, ON
12.20.13 – Peterborough Golf & Country Club – Peterborough, ON
12.07.13 – Inn on the Twenty – Jordan, ON

2013 Public Event Performance Schedule

02.14.13 – McKeck’s – Haliburton, ON
02.16.13 – Irwin Inn – Stoney Lake, ON
03.31.13 – Viamede Resort – Stoney Lake, ON
04.04.13 – Parkhill on Hunter – Peterborough, ON
05.12.13 – Viamede Resort – Stoney Lake, ON
06.30.13 – Irwin Inn – Stoney Lake, ON
09.06.13 – Market Hall – Peterborough, ON (Artsweek opening)
09.27.13 – JW Marriott – Minett, ON (Muskoka)
11.02.13 – Art Gallery of Peterborough – Peterborough, ON
12.31.13 – Irwin Inn – Stoney Lake, ON

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Jake Dudas is a singer/songwriter and instrumental guitarist based out of Toronto, ON. Performing for both featured shows and special events, his work spans a huge range. The focus is squarely on contrast, creativity and craftsmanship—whether it’s weaving through familiar fare such as the Tragically Hip, Johnny Cash and Neil Young; to more modern selections such as James Bay and Maroon 5. He has numerous original releases to his credit, and has performed at some of the top venues in Canada. Career highlights also include a private performance for British Royalty in Muskoka.

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