NOW ON iTUNES – Get You Alone.

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NOW ON iTUNES – Get You Alone.

Get You Alone, Jake Dudas

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Get You Alone (2012) – Digital Single

Released May 1, 2012
Written, performed and recorded by Jake Dudas
© ℗ 2012 Jake Dudas (SOCAN). All rights reserved. 100% MAPL.
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions
Cover art by Kris Sieber at CreativeFreeAgent
Logo by Sarah Goodrice at Studio-N

Many thanks to Kris, Andy and Sarah for lending their exceptional talents for a fraction of what they’re worth.

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Some notes about the song…

Every once in a while, a new idea hits you that changes everything.

As writers, and as individuals, we all struggle to find our own voice. One that not only communicates our unique perspective, but also finds some common ground. In a perfect world, you satisfy your own need for expression, while opening a door for others to relate and interpret in their own way.

In my work as a musician, what has always captured me most are contrast and depth. You take everything from Sheryl Crow and Ron Sexsmith, to Chris Cornell and Led Zeppelin, and you find incredible shades of dark and light. There’s beauty. Craftsmanship. Love. Confusion. All rolled into one package that’s both comforting and unsettling at the same time. There’s something haunting and intriguing that always keeps me coming back for more.

Having performed with loud bands and electric guitars for so long, most of my recorded work has been based on a grittier, more guttural musical palette. Lyrics, more often than not, would focus on brightening up this darker sonic landscape.

Moving to the singer/songwriter forum has been a surprising change. Instead of searching for the light, the more serene sound of the acoustic guitar has led me to explore different territory.

I was recently listening to Ron Sexsmith’s Long Player, Late Bloomer album. Having never previously been a fan, I was surprised how quickly this album got its hooks into me. It took a while for the darkness of a lot of the lyrics to sink in. I was focused so much on the serenity and craftsmanship of the music, that it really took me by surprise. This music has more grit and dirt than the loudest rock ‘n’ roll band.

As for this new song, Get You Alone, I started out with a musical backdrop that’s 100% Harvest Moon. I wanted romance from the first note. Lyrically, I experimented with a lot of things, but what finally had some teeth were the notions of powerlessness and surrender.

While Get You Alone is romantically inclined, it’s really about desire for anything. The high of a great performance. A beautiful woman whom you admire in the street for a brief moment. The first wedding dance with your new Bride. It’s the delicate dance of acknowledging the power of these guttural emotions, confronting what you find along the way, and enjoying that lovely, torturous ride.

Jake Dudas, Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter

All photography by Sue Morley Photography

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Jake Dudas is a singer/songwriter and instrumental guitarist based out of Toronto and Peterborough, ON. Performing for both featured shows and special events, his work spans a huge range. The focus is squarely on contrast, creativity and craftsmanship—whether it’s weaving through familiar fare such as the Tragically Hip, Johnny Cash and Neil Young; to more modern selections such as James Bay and Maroon 5. He has numerous original releases to his credit, and has performed at some of the top venues in Canada. Career highlights also include a private performance for British Royalty in Muskoka.

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